About Metro Rail Today

The Metro Rail Today is an achievement of the public transport authorities, urban development departments, metro, urban rail operators and the industry which have worked hard for several years to establish sustainable rail-based mass rapid transit systems across the world.

The story goes that the groundwork was prepared during the course of several round table discussions at conferences, seminars and industry events over many years.

This first issue of Metro Rail Today owes its existence to many governments as well as private players who prepared a proposal, presenting the aims and scope of the Magazine, as well as the editorial policy, to a publisher.

The aims and scope of the new magazine and website are ambitious but at the same time very simple; to promote and spread high-quality innovation in rail and metro sectors by publishing peer-reviewed original works. It is published for an international audience of scholars, industry professionals and like-minded people interested in keeping up-to-date with recent development and rail and metro sectors across the world. Our website elaborates the aims and scope somewhat further by saying that rail and metro sectors are the spines of transport infrastructure and we should keep the focus on realistic development. 

The journey for Metro Rail Today has finally begun and I hope that you will love to have it on your desk and will enjoy this issue by gaining some different and fruitful knowledge from other publications in the same industry.

The Metro Rail Today is being published by Urban Transport News, a global news provider, from New Delhi, India