Navnirman (NGO) introduces Froto E-Rickshaw to facilitate last mile connectivity at Delhi Metro stations

New Delhi, India (Metro Rail Today): Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has partnered with NAVNIRMAN (NGO) to operate E-Rickshaw operation under their brand name froto from Shakurpur and Rithala metro stations. The first E-Rickshaw service was flagged off from Shakurpur metro station on dated 30.07.2021 and similarly at Rithala on dated 01.08.2021 by Harvir Singh, President of NAVNIRMAN (NGO). In the wake of the corona pandemic, NAVNIRMAN (NGO) inaugurated the services in the presence of a limited number of NGO members with strict compliance with the covid-19 protocol. 

The first organized fleet of 40 E-rickshaws was inaugurated from Shakurpur and Rithala Metro station and will be plying from 6 AM to 11 PM daily providing last-mile connectivity to nearby localities of Metro stations. NAVNIRMAN (NGO) is working for the betterment of E-Rickshaw operators and understands the need to implement an organized eco-friendly from & to (Froto) transportation system at metro stations and nearby areas.

Delhi Metro is a trendsetter in the field of public transports by integrating its service with other modes of public transport, enabling the commuters to smoothly interchange from one mode to another. It is well-known fact that DMRC has its long story of successful achievements and changed the scenario of public transport in Delhi. First time ever an NGO successfully implemented the project of E-Rickshaw operation with a view to providing convenience to DMRC’s commuters by ensuring last mile connectivity from the metro stations.

(Shri Harvir Singh, President of NAVNIRMAN-NGO launching Froto E-Rickshaw in Delhi)

NAVNIRMAN (NGO) expressed its gratitude towards Delhi Metro that this green project could be initiated only by the overwhelming support, received from DMRC. It is well-known fact that the facility to park and charge the E-Rickshaw is an important logistical need to make the project successful. Parking and charging of E-Rickshaws is an integral part of this green project so the charging station for these electric vehicles has also been set up to ensure seamless service to the passengers of DMRC throughout the day.

NAVNIRMAN (NGO) has a team of social workers, who are dedicated to protect the environment and managing the congestion by organizing even existing E-Rickshaw operators at Metro Stations. E-Rickshaw, being a zero polluting vehicle, will help to save the environment from global warming and other hazards. E-rickshaws have become a popular mode of transport for providing last-mile connectivity. E-rickshaws can be the best alternative to petrol or diesel-run vehicles as they are operated on battery. These rickshaws do not emit smoke and thus, will not contribute to increase air pollution. Moreover, there are a lot of advantages of e-rickshaws as these are economical modes of transport and can be easily afforded by a common man, Free from noise pollution and having Easy maintenance.

Initially, 40 froto E- rickshaws have been introduced into service from both of the stations which will be increased in the next few months. These froto E- rickshaws will provide its last-mile connectivity within an area of 5-6 KM around Metro stations. The fares have been kept very nominal at a base price of Rs. 10 for the first 2 Kms and Rs. 5 for subsequent KM. The commuters can also book vehicles through the froto app and pay digitally for their rides. Froto e-rickshaws managed by NAVNIRMAN (NGO) are providing last-mile connectivity to the passengers of DMRC in a organize manner as they understand the need to implement an eco-friendly To & Fro transportation system at and around metro stations.

Froto is a technologically upgraded user-friendly android based mobile application, which provides digital solutions to commuters of DMRC for daily rides. The salient features of Froto App are as follows:

· Froto provides an App-based E-Rickshaw booking facility.
· Froto provides a convenient, safe and affordable from – to eco-friendly transportation system.
· Froto provides a hassle-free digital solution to book the rides from and to Metro Stations.
· Froto enables the commuters of DMRC to integrate from one mode of public transport to another mode i.e. Metro to E-Rickshaw.

The Battery Operated Electric Rickshaws is a new mode of transport and introduced in the state of Delhi in 2010. The number of these types of E-Rickshaws has increased from 4,000 in 2010 to approximately 1, 00,000 in 2021. However, a large number of unregistered ones ply on the city roads, mainly around metro stations. E-Rickshaw is not only the best mode of transport for last-mile connectivity but also a source of employment generation for the poor. Apart from providing a comfortable and hassle-free last-mile connectivity to the commuters, this project envisages to bring about a visible improvement in the lives of the people from the bottom of the pyramid.

E - Rickshaw could be a better solution for last-mile connectivity not only for the metro station but also for bus stands, particularly, in the residential colony where streets and roads are narrow and planning of buses are difficult. NAVNIRMAN (NGO) thinks about the strengthening last mile services of DMRC in the interest of metro commuters and thus implemented this green project, which could be a more effective mode of transport. Further, this type of operation shall manage the congestion at the entry/exit gate of metro stations. NAVNIRMAN (NGO) has hundreds of e-rickshaw operators / NGO members, who belong to the deprived sections of our society and they have only the option to earn their bread and butter while feeding commuters to DMRC by e–rickshaw operation from early morning to late night.

NAVNIRMAN (NGO) is a registered nonprofit organization under the Society’s Registration Act of 1860 and is dedicated to protect the environment by promoting/operating e- vehicles. The prime motto of NAVNIRMAN (NGO) is to promote more use of public transport systems in place of personal vehicles that will help to cut down carbon emissions, noise pollution and city traffic.

​If froto users have any queries or suggestions about the services, they may reach the operator via e-mail across

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