Metro Rail Today August 2021 Issue Published - Special Edition on 75th Independence of India


Dear Readers,

While we're delighted to celebrate the third anniversary of  Urban Transport News with some insightful reminiscences, our focus this year is, as always, on the current state and future of urban rail and transportation industry.

When it comes to marking anniversaries, publications can sometimes mire themselves in the past. Well, while we're delighted to note and celebrate the 3rd anniversary of Urban Transport News with some insightful reminiscences, our focus this year is, as always, squarely on the current state and future of the transportation industry.

In a world where innovation, managing change and new skills and knowledge are demanded, innovators are in the process of researching and developing solutions in view of ‘new normal’ and they need all the most current information they can get. This will help them make a wise, forward-looking decision.

So, again this year, we're offering an exciting mix of features, plus real-time updates that will, we hope, give new professionals the useful advice and helpful information that they'll need as they engage in their professional life for the first time. On demand of readers, we have launched the Metro Rail Today magazine to give deep insights on development of metro railway projects and innovation in metro technology in various countries. Within 4 months this magazine has added over 2500 people in its readers family.

I'd like to thank everyone involved in this year's edition (with a special thanks to our highly skilled editorial advisory board members). Without their efforts, and the work of those who have launched and sustained our news portal and this journal over the last years, we'd have nothing to celebrate, so please enjoy!

Kindly share your valuable feedback so that we can improve and provide more useful information to our readers in future editions.

Stay Safe and Stay Happy!

Mamta Shah
Managing Editor

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