Non fare revenue row : Chennai Metro to appoint a consultant

Chennai, India (Metro Rail Today): Chennai Metro Rail Limited has floated a tender to appoint a consultant for providing advisory services including feasibility and market study, formulation of non-farebox revenue business plans for its land parcels and built-up spaces within the stations in the phase – I and its extension and upcoming phase-II. As per the broad scope of work to be carried out by the consultant, formulation of non-farebox revenue plans taking into account business plan of CMRL while enhancing existing and on-going plans and to propose new opportunities. 

"The consultation would suggest the optimum disposal strategy for licensing of the retail spaces within existing stations and also on the enhancement of revenue from an advertisement at stations, trains and on new mediums. The consultation would also identify additional sources of revenue", officials of CMRL said.
The metro’s total income for 2019-20 stood at Rs 287.18 crore including farebox revenue of Rs 135.12 crore and non-farebox revenue of Rs 38.76 crore. The total expenses were Rs 812.38 crore including operating expenses of Rs 149.57 crore with the loss touching Rs 525.19 crore as against Rs 422.06 crore in the previous fiscal year  according to its annual report.  
This development is being seen as an alternative for generating non fare revenue in order to fill the losses incurred. The CMRL plans to increase non fare box revenue as the pandemic creates uncertainties.


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